As power quality and energy efficiency issues continue to proliferate and become part of the design process, reliance upon supporting data and knowhow must be dependable. We have the unique capability to conduct both site surveys and desktop studies. This allows us to control the thoroughness and quality of all relevant data and produce output upon which our guarantees and reputation depend.

It's imperative to take all elements of an electrical installation into account when compiling a report on which to base energy management decisions. Relying on recommendations drawn from a limited product range or service offer will limit the possible solutions and the project's success. Our independence gives the freedom to recommend any type of corrective action and/or remedial technology from any manufacturer.

Site Services
Site surveys can be performed to the client's brief or we can advise on the benefits of the various options available.

We evaluate existing and proposed installations to assess efficiency and harmonic levels and Return on Investment (ROI) of any corrective measures.

Without disruption to site processes, short medium or long term surveys can be conducted to assess or establish any of the following:

  • the load profile/trends on key supplies
  • supply efficiency and cost reduction opportunities
  • G5/4-1 compliance
  • flicker, sag and other phenomena
  • identify and quantify harmonic related problems
  • fault investigation

We're equipped to conduct simultaneous monitoring of 15 TP&N test points. Our reports are issued within 4 working days and include clear technical and commercial justifications for all recommendations made.

Desktop Services
During the design process it's becoming increasingly necessary to anticipate the impact of proposed new loads or load changes on the local installation and distribution network - as in the need to plan for G5/4-1 compliance.

Using proprietary software we can model proposed new loads to quantify changes to harmonic levels and power efficiency. Our reports include recommendations on remedial equipment where needed. Naturally, we can do this for existing, 'brown' or 'green-field' sites.

This is proving to be an invaluable service in determining if corrective harmonic equipment or PFC must be included in budgetary costs.

Bid / Tender Appraisal
Over 20 years of power quality and energy reduction experience has given us a wealth of knowledge to draw upon. Couple this with our independence and we’re ideally placed to assess, report and advise on the complex technical and commercial complexities of multiple tenders.

Voltage reduction/optimisation is a particularly hotly contested market at this time.