Site Services


Our site work includes surveys to assess, quantify and/or investigate the following:

  • P28 and G5/5 compliance assessments

  • load profile/trends on key supplies

  • supply efficiency and cost reduction opportunities

  • flicker, sag and other phenomena

  • harmonic related problems

  • fault investigation

  • Power Quality healthcheck

Before load changes a pre-works harmonic survey is often undertaken to provide reliable data on which to  base modelling of the proposed new load. This quantifies the impact on harmonic levels so that recommendations can be made on any remedial equipment that might be needed. A post-works survey provides evidence that all is well.



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As VSDs and other non-linear loads become increasingly common it is essential to ensure harmonic levels are kept within acceptable and regulatory limits. Using proprietary software we model the harmonic impact of proposed new loads to quantify the changes and check compliance with G5/4-1 (or G5/5).


Our reports include recommendations on remedial equipment where needed. Naturally, we can do this for existing, 'brown' or 'green-field' sites.

This is proving to be an invaluable service in determining if corrective harmonic equipment and/or PFC should be included in project costs.



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